Beer Camp

Don’t ask me where this came from because I don’t know. But there is summer camp, there is fat camp, there is band camp, there are numerous religious ideology camps…there needs to be a beer camp. Someone needs to create beer camp. And bacon. Beer and Bacon Camp.

Make it so…


The Makeup Show Orlando

I’m pretty damn excited about this one. Aside from what will likely amount to disgusting weather in Florida at the end of September, the A-Team is heading down to Orlando for The Makeup Show. We’ve been to Orlando for trade shows before, but never for The Makeup Show, one of our favorites. If you’re going to be in attendance, drop by booth C15 and see me and Johnny Boy, as well as our awesome local help Amanda, Treisha, and Sarah.

TMSO13 (2)


We’ll have our usual goodies on hand. Lots of Stilazzi professional makeup cases, set bags, makeup brushes, Beautyblender‘s, and more! Come on by, have a glass (errr…a red plastic cup) of champagne, some laughs, some hugs, pick up some products, and have a great time! See ya there!

New updates from Frends

Yo! Lots of things have happened since I updated this blog that nobody’s ever seen. Our new location is about to open, we have a new website, I’ve flown around the world 237 times to different tradeshows and met hundreds of people who do not suck.

Lots of stores and pictures to come soon. Meanwhile, check out to see the NEW site!

So it’s been a while…

…since I’ve blogged here but I think I am going to bring this motherlover back to life. We moved the official Frends Beauty blog over to the new website at so for Frends related business…check it out, we will be doing updates frequently. For Frends’y related stuff and other non-Frends related stuff, come on over here. Love ya.

Just when I think things couldn’t get worse, you go and do something like this…


I’m 32 years old. By some accounts, I’m old. I have grey hairs in my beard, and my body actually feels pain sometimes. Granted, I walk it off because that’s what thick-skulled men like me do even when we know a doctor’s visit should probably be in line. But one good thing about being 32 in the year 2012 is remembering when MTV was actually…well, Music Television. Before the days of TRL, 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, and the rest of the shows that have little to nothing to do with music…MTV played music videos…all day long. It was wonderful.

After giving up all hope, last week I switched from DirecTV over to AT&T U-verse. DirecTV could not run a line for HD. I have a 73″ HDTV…there is no way I am going to stick with SD on it. So I called AT&T and got their highest everything package. Lo and behold, there are several MTV channels that I either did not have before, or simply never noticed. When I put one on I was astonished…A MUSIC VIDEO WAS ON! Thinking it was purely a programming accident, I left it on the channel. And what do you know…video, after video, after video. And GOOD videos. I was taken aback somewhat.

I had no clue MTV still played music videos but I am very excited that they do. Anyone else surprised by this revelation or am I alone here?

Gearing up for IMATS London…

I’ll be honest here, I’m not even sure how we’re going to accomplish all of the goals we have set forth, for our IMATS London trip. But, #WINNING is a trait of ours so we will accomplish them come heck or high water.

In my infinite wisdom I’ve managed to set up about half a dozen meetings with local beauty supply ballers in addition to the three days of IMATS…and let’s not forget…I mean, come on…we’re going to be staying in the West End. I’ve not personally been to London, but I was told that it was the place to be. And by that I mean, it’s where you party. So, meetings + IMATS + no sleep = #WINNINGSUCCESS.

London, I love you already and I cannot wait to come see your city, do some awesome business there with some great people, and etch another awesome memory into my subconscious! If you read this (ha, unlikely) and you plan to be at IMATS, please do stop by the Frends / Stilazzi booth and say hi to me!

What social networks do you use?

I use a lot, both personally and professionally…well, if you call what I do ‘professional’ in any sense of the word. But I digress.

Between Frends Beauty Supply, Stilazzi, and the up-and-coming GoodFellas Beauty, we utilize Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, YouTube, WordPress (duh), LinkedIn, and of course we try to also post on some forums. Where do you like to network? What forms of social media do you use to get your beauty info? What’s your favorite and why?

Better late than never…

Hey everyone, Happy Friday. So a couple of months back I think, I was posting about a Stilazzi affiliate program on one of our other blogs. And…a couple of months later, it’s finally live. If you are a beauty blogger or have a beauty related website and want to join the program, just go to and register. It’s super simple.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!